Finding the right people is only part of the equation required to have a high performance workforce.  Solleva provides solutions that go beyond simply finding qualified candidates.  We help you create a Total Workforce Solution that strengthens the four elements required for success.

Solleva understands how to recruit and train top talent.  We also know it is about more than just core skills.  That's why we use a well-developed assessment process to ensure your candidates also have the behavioral factors required for top performance.



Our approach emphasizes readiness to work and partners with you to ensure employees are prepared to be successful.  Whether onboarding a new hire or a implementing a change within your existing team, this accelerates the time required to transition to new ways of working.


Front-Line Leadership

The success of your employees depends significantly upon the quality of your front-line leaders.  We provide training and coaching that strengthens your leaders' ability to engage employees, create high performing teams, navigate change and foster continuous improvement.



A high performance workforce also requires a supportive infrastructure.  That's why we provide additional services such as process improvement, on-site HR staff, training solutions, and change management consulting.  Together we can create a workforce that thrives!


Take the leap in tandem



We know change can be better and believe the best results are achieved when change is led collaboratively and carried out from within.  But taking the leap can be daunting without the right support.   We work with you—in tandem—to provide real-time, on-the-job guidance to ensure you achieve current results while raising your level of leadership capability for the future.

Team Coaching

Front-Line Leadership Training

Organizational Performance

On-Site Human Resources



what our clients say

The Solleva work has added a broader dimension to my PMO thinking about managing corporate change.  I have found the integrated science-art model proposition to be thought provoking and their effective tools and roadmap ready to be put to the test, which I am doing already.  Simply put, I believe Solleva has raised the bar on the subject of managing change effectively.

Senior Director, PMO Beverages

The Solleva leader had the ability to take what could be a volatile discussion and turn it into something that was productive and beneficial for each participant as well as the overall organization.  I also appreciated the way our employees were involved throughout process.    

VP of HR Manufacturing

I love the workshop concepts! The presentation will help me to go through the steps with greater depth. 

HR Director Hospital

Fantastic, thought-provoking workshop. Provided great insight into what motivates employees, how to effectively handle change within an organization, and  how to approach it with the employees. Great blend of humor and historical relevance as well.

HR Director Global Financial Services

Solleva brought value right from the first hour.

VP of Organizational Development Pharmaceuticals

The Solleva workshop effectively mobilized our team and was instrumental in providing leadership with intelligence.  It was the foundation for building a solid management strategy and action plan for an effective implementation.

VP of HRIS Publishing

Solleva delivered change management workshops that were very highly recognized by our client as well our organization (vendor). I would highly recommend them!

CTO Business Services

Solleva’s workshop really captured what motivates people and how to effectively handle change in the workplace. Their insights were real and practical and the dialogue was thought provoking and humorous, a perfect combination.

President Non Profit

Solleva changed our organization perceptions of change management.  The process had significant credibility with executives.    

VP Shared Services Manufacturing




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