Our Philosophy


We are former big firm consultants and executives who concluded the standard approach to building capability could be better.
Our experience showed us that high performance workforces were built upon three core elements that must work in harmony together — autonomy, leadership and learning.

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This image represents our philosophy, Solleva's gears of effective change management:  autonomy; leadership; and learning


The most successful organizations have strong employees and front-line leaders. That’s why our approach is centered on building capability. By hiring the right people and unlocking their potential, we ensure that your organization has the knowledge, skills and perspective required now and for the future.


Leadership is essential for a high-performance workforce. Most organizations manage change. They apply a standard set of processes and tools to push projects along, keep them under control and minimize disruptions. Leading change is fundamentally different. Our focus ensures your leaders understand and apply this difference to achieve the broader vision and strengthened capability required to sustain success.


A learning mindset is essential to solving the problems required to create and sustain high performance. That’s why learning is built into each element of our approach. We use it to improve capability and to accelerate current results.


Solleva means “lift” in Italian, a culture known for the Renaissance, or rebirth.  And that’s our mission.  To lift our clients’ capability and understanding as they bring new life to their organizations.  We help organizations create success in their current hiring initiatives and elevate their know-how for the future.

We believe a high performing workforce is more than simply hiring people to fill roles.  It offers organizations a chance to learn and grow in the process of lifting capability.