The Architecture of Change

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White Paper:  Key Learning Points

Stop for a moment and picture the Duomo in Florence, Italy, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Greek Parthenon. Their very creation relied on a combination of science and art. One element without the other and these world-renowned masterpieces would not be quite so magnificent.

The same is true for effective change management. It, too, takes the right combination of science and art.  Change science provides the structure to support change management activities.  It helps bring order to the often complex process of managing the human elements of a project by defining the tasks, roles, milestones and timelines required to achieve project objectives.  Change art, on the other hand, provides the adaptability required to manage the emotionally and behaviorally driven factors of a project.  Much like all art, it provides perspective to help change leaders see their initiatives more clearly.  

This white paper explores

  • The challenges of using typical change management methodologies and tools
  • A framework leveraging both science and art that applies to changes of various size, type and complexity as well as across a variety of industries and contexts
  • The elements of change science and change art, and how to use both to more effectively lead change

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