Does Our Project Need Change Management?

This is an illustration of project managers asking, "Does our project need change management?"

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Key Learning Points

Change management is a PLANNED and intentionally executed PROCESS of ensuring individuals, groups and organizations ADOPT new methods of accomplishing work RESULTS.

It is more than just preparing communication documents or building training tools.  It is the comprehensive set of actions required to build commitment and adoption.

The good news for project budgets is that organizations do NOT need change management.  People adapt . . . eventually.

We may want change management if our organization:

  • Requires faster adoption
  • Is defined by a less authoritative leadership and organizational culture
  • Context is social.

A project can be said to be social if the project context has the following characteristics:

  • The problem(s) is difficult to identify
  • The problem(s) is easy to deny
  • The solution(s) requires changes to roles, relationships, or approaches to work
  • The people with the problem(s) must be involved to help solve the problem(s)
  • The solution(s) is multidimensional and cuts across organizational boundaries
  • The solution(s) requires experiments or negotiations

The more the context of the change is social, the more change management becomes a useful tool to increase the likelihood of successful adoption.


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