Team Coaching


Solleva ensures your change teams develop the capability needed for both current and future success.  Our team coaching provides the frameworks, tools and tips to ensure teams do what is required to achieve results on current initiatives as well as develop the deeper knowledge and applied understanding required to retain learning for the future.


Solleva's Team Coaching teaches teams to think critically, work collaboratively and apply a comprehensive and structured approach to managing change.


We help teams learn how to use action as the catalyst for learning and to identify actions that support both technical and behavioral goals of projects.

This image is a four leaf clover representing the component's of Solleva's team coaching: T (train), E (enable), A (act), M (measure)


Our coaching enables improved execution using guided analysis, planning and problem-solving. Our process also fosters better collaboration within project teams as well as between the project and the organization.


Participants gain better insight and control over project process, budget and outcomes. Leaders acheive business goals faster and with greater confidence.