Why It Works


Solleva believes the most successful change is led and managed from within. That’s why we center our approach around building change capability that unlocks the potential of your people — teams leaders, project managers, and work stream resources.  We ensure that the people assigned to implement your initiatives have the knowledge, skills and perspective required now and for the future.
A pyramid that shows the 4 core Solleva change management services:  Leadership Coaching; Team Coaching; Action Workshops; Training
  • Builds change leaders by ensuring they understand how change is different from regular operations and what actions lead to success
  • Increases leadership impact by enhancing the interpersonal and organizational aptitude of technically-oriented managers
  • Improves execution by creating proactive, self-managing teams with clear direction, roles and accountabilities
  • Accelerates results by preparing projects with analysis, insight, planning and tools
  • Reduces costs by moving from a general to a specific understanding of external staffing requirements
  • Strengthens and prepares staff for future initiatives by providing knowledge, skills and tools required for success
Find out how Solleva can lift the change management capability of your project leaders and teams: